I own an Austin real estate portfolio and I’m always thinking about what to do with it. The world and it’s real estate markets are in a scary place right now, but isn’t that always the case. China is over-leveraged, many developing countries are on the verge of bankruptcy, many places in the US including Austin have just recently reached a plateau and are now normalizing after a couple of years of very-high demand and very low inventory.

Austin real estate inventories along with interest rates are on the increase and if you apply basic economics, it points to reduced real estate prices in the future. People who bought at the peak of the market may find it challenging to get their money back if they have to sell in the near future. Interest rates are increasing which reduces the amount of buyers who can afford homes while builders continue add to the inventory.

With all of that, I still believe in the Austin real estate market. Most of my investment activity is in the northern Austin Suburbs which is where many major high-tech employers are choosing to locate businesses, like Dell Computer, Apple Computer, Samsung, Tesla, etc. If I had to survive a real estate bubble, I think Austin Texas would be one of the better places to do it. It has enough momentum to keep it going through any recessions and I expect would be one of the first cities to make a recovery.

Me and many of my clients made a large profit from the 2008 mortgage crisis and if Austin has another downturn, I intend to profit from it again as I know it will be one of the first places to recover.

Wealthy Austin suburb rakes in spot among America’s richest cities

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