Buy A New Home and Rent Your Old House

Start by determining if renting your property is a smart financial investment.

Your fast and free analysis includes:

  • The estimated sales value of your property
  • The estimated monthly rental value of your property
  • The estimated annual operating cost of your property
  • 10-year Appreciation Projection
  • Average ROI per year projection

Moving in the next 60 days?

Talk with an Experienced Agent/Investor before you list your property for sale.

  • Compare selling vs. renting your house.
  • Review cash flow and equity growth.
  • See how keeping outperforms selling.
  • Make a smart financial decision.

Keep your home and put it to work for you

ROCK Properties has the experience to turn the home you are moving out of into a trouble-free, safe investment that delivers passive cash flow without the stress of becoming a landlord. Now you can keep your house as an investment and afford to buy your new home.

Before you Sell. Speak with ROCK Properties first.

Moving Soon?

The Smarter Move

If you are upsizing, ROCK Properties makes it easy to turn the home you’re moving out of into an income property and passive investment.

  • Build wealth faster than you can with stocks and bonds
  • Receive ongoing cash flow that grows over time
  • Get the cash you need to buy your next home
  • Realize the benefits of income property ownership, without the work or time commitment
  • We can organize the whole thing for you

Retiring Soon?

A Smarter Nest Egg

If you are downsizing, a rental property can provide a steady income from your current home to maintain your lifestyle.

  • Predictable cash flow and income that grows
  • Offset income by leveraging the tax benefits for income property owner
  • Grow an estate to leave to your children
  • Build wealth dramatically faster than you would with stocks and bonds
  • Avoid long term capital gains taxes and transaction fees

Currently A Landlord?

Continue owning your property with none of the work

ROCK Properties takes the work of being a landlord off your hands, giving you the freedom to spend your time as you like, saving you money, and giving you easy access to capital.

  • Only for Landlords that do not want to do any of the work.
  • ROCK Properties optimizes your income potential
  • Access the wealth stored in your home through refinancing and and use the leveraged funds to optimized growth
  • Markets change. We’ll let you know if it’s time to sell

So how do I turn my property into an income producing passive investment?

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We Go to Work

You become a hands-off investment property owner and we take care of everything else.

You Get Paid

Your home continues to grow in value, and you can build wealth faster than you would with stocks and bonds.

Get more & pay less

  • Property wealth advisor
  • Leasing and contracts
  • Banking, cash flow management, bill pay
  • Insurance recommendations
  • Tenant and property care
  • Financing
  • Annual tax records