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Welcome to the Intelligent Property Search Agent

The Rock Properties Intelligent Search Agent program, uses the parameters that you provide to make decisions and perform the service to autonomously gather information about all of the Austin area real estate listings.   Our Intelligent property Agent constantly searches all of the Austin area real estate listings using a technology called Internet Data Exchange (IDX).

Our Intelligent property search Agent gathers information the user is interested in and presents it to them on a periodic or requested basis. Our Data intelligent agents can extract any specifiable information, such as Location, age and condition, communities, construction, heating/cooling, home size, interior features, exterior amenities, neighborhoods, new construction, rooms and spaces, upgrades and updates and more. The practice of having information brought to a user by an agent is called push technology.  These Intelligent agents may also be referred to as a bot, which is short for robot. 

With our Intelligent property Agent you can access saved searches and favorite listings, receive email updates when new listings are added to notify you of Austin MLS real estate listings on a regular, programmed schedule based on your input.

By creating a FREE account:

  • You can be the first to know of new listings!
  • Our Intelligent Agents will notify you of new property listings that match your search criteria.
  • You can create custom property  Searches
  • You can Save your favorite searches with specific criteria like location, property types, price ranges and features.
  • You can Save your favorite listings for easy access.
  • You can share all of your saved listings via email.
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