Some of The Best Real Estate Scenes in Film History

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1. “I Love You, Man”: Crop Dusting Around the Open

Peter Klaven is L.A.’s “biggest” Realtor.

2. “Step Brothers”: Selling the House

Take notes if you want to prevent your rival agent from selling their listing.

3. “Up”: The sickest mobile house ever.

If you did not cry during this movie, you have no soul.

4. “American Beauty”: I will sell this house today.

Everyone needs a little pep talk in the mirror once in a while.

5. “Bruno”: Deleted Scene

I can see why they deleted this …

6. “Curb Your Enthusiasm”: Larry prevents an office tenant from moving in to keep control of the AC.

This is an extreme, yet effective approach.

7. “The Money Pit”: The Stairs Are Out

Their agent did not disclose anything.

8. “The Best Man”: The Realtor

I am guessing most of you have not seen this movie. However, Seth Green does a fantastic job at making a closet seem like a third bedroom.

9. “Funny Farm”: Selling Your Country House

The most successful FSBO ever. If only real estate transactions were this easy.

10. “Modern Family”: Phil Dunphy explains “Always Be Closing.”

He is a true salesman.

11. “Glengarry Glen Ross”: Always Be Closing


12. “American Beauty”: Getting Nailed by the Real Estate King

Viewer discretion is advised.

13. “Moving”: The absolute best Realtor clip of all time. Moving… and taking the windows !!!

Should’ve had a REALTOR!