We think every day is a pretty good day here in our hometown, but today shined a little brighter as Round Rock was featured as the No. 1 place to live in the country on a live broadcast of the TODAY Show.

The segment, hosted by Hoda Kotb, highlighted the top five booming cities across the U.S. where people want to live, focusing on communities with top notch quality of life, low cost of living, high growth potential, great schools, job security and opportunity.

Beating out the beaches of Sarasota, pacific northwest scenery of Tacoma and coastal living of Bridgeport among other places, Round Rock found its way atop the list based on its high quality of life amenities, solid economy and strong sense of community.

“It’s like a little bit of a secret,” Frances Katzen, a real estate expert and broker with Douglas Elliman said. “If you missed out on the frenzy of Austin, which was the No. 1 place to live in 2022, you can get your fix here. It’s basically set up so you have Dell headquarters, you have Switch, you have Emerson working out of there so job security is really good. And then wherever you are there, you’re only ten minutes away from a park. Great outdoor activities, really solid schools, good community, great for retirees, nice climate.”

“So it’s kind of the new Austin,” Hoda Kotb said.

The five cities on the list included:
  1. Round Rock, TX
  2. Sarasota, FL
  3. Tacoma, WA
  4. Bridgeport, CT
  5. Raleigh, NC

The full TODAY Show segment is available online at https://www.today.com/video/here-are-the-top-5-booming-cities-where-people-want-to-live-187308101588