May 25, 2023 18:33 ET
| Source: Resivoir House Buyers

Round Rock, May 25, 2023 — Round Rock, Texas –

Resivoir House Buyers is helping homeowners in Round Rock and other communities surrounding Austin, TX, sell their properties fast and hassle-free.

The Austin cash home buyer buys properties of all types and sizes, as is. Regardless of whether the property is in poor condition, Resivoir House Buyers gives homeowners in Austin a fair cash offer that reflects the current state of their assets. The company takes into consideration every relevant detail when making the offer including the location of the property and estimated market value based on similar homes that have been sold in the same neighborhood.

“It is also much less work to sell to us than hiring and following the instructions of a real estate agent,” says Walter Rock from Resivoir House Buyers. “Listing a home on MLS and waiting for potential buyers to show interest is a long process. You may also need to perform essential repairs and stage the property for scheduled visits. It is just too much effort for some that you may not have the time or inclination for. If you are in the same boat, we urge you to give our office a call and ask for our free no-obligation cash offer.”

Selling with an agent also racks up scores of commissions and fees that are relative to the sale price of the home and can quickly add up. Generally, sellers are required to pay around 6% to their agent and 2% as closing costs. Moreover, sellers may also owe up to 15% in inspection and financing contingencies if the sale falls through. Finally, it can take around 90 days for the real estate agent to find a buyer for the home and one or two more months before the transaction is closed.

“When you choose to sell your Austin property with Resivoir House Buyers,” Walt continues, “we pay all the costs. That means no commissions, fees, or closing costs are borne by you. Our cash offers are also immediate. After we complete our initial thorough inspection in a single visit and analyze your property based on our real estate expertise, we will provide you with a cash offer that you are free to mull over. Once you are ready to accept, we can close the transaction in as little as 7 days. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Call us today to find out why Resivoir House Buyers are the cash home buyers Round Rock residents have come to trust.”

Walt’s assurances are backed by his years of proven experience. A licensed Real Estate Broker, he has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Austin homeowners have not shied away from letting their approval of Walter, and the rest of the team at Resivoir House Buyers, known. One testimonial says, “Walt completely met and even exceeded our expectations with our house. He was always very prompt in his communication, and we felt very comfortable working with him! He was very experienced and answered all our questions in detail. We feel very fortunate to have had him helping us. Highly recommend!”

Another homeowner writes, “Walt was amazing! He took time out of his schedule to assist with the small things with us which in my opinion are always even more important. He made sure to alert us every week of what was going on throughout the entire process! He was EXCELLENT. His knowledge of everything and every question we had was outstanding! Thank you, Walt, for your excellent service! We truly appreciate you!”

Homeowners searching online for “We Buy Houses Round Rock” can reach out to Resivoir House Buyers at (512) 518-0360 to get started.


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