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Are Realtors worth it?

Walter Rock
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Realtors generally charge 6% to sell your home.  Are the worth it?

Realtors get paid a lot of money for what they do, but they are probably still the best option.  Not because they are better, but because they have a cartel.  They have access to lots of information that they intentionally don't share with the public.

The seller pays the fee for both the buyer's agent and the listing agent.  Most buyers use a Realtor because it costs them nothing and Realtors wont show properties that are not listed with another Realtor.  This means if you try to sell FSBO, you have eliminated 90% of the buyers.

Places like Zillow are making progress on changing things, but they are still a long way from taking over the Real Estate market.

Sadly, until technology finds a way to provide a viable alternative, you will probably still net more from the sale of your home with a Realtor than without a Realtor.

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